Past Boxes

September 2018

SuliBox #1

From Coffee to Soap, Truthpaste to Cotton Tote bags - The first SuliBox was one not to miss! 

The all natural washing powder was our favourite! Along with the selection of stainless steel straws - with a bag for when you're out and about!

October 2018

SuliBox #2

Its October! The month where the world goes crazy for pumpkin spice lattes and our amazing Halloween box was released!

The focus of this box was on up-cycling, with our genius cloth made from recycled household materials and our produce bags made from pillow cases!

November 2018

SuliBox #3

Winter is coming...So wrap your food up warm with Steph's Vegan food wrap and use our chemical-free herb muscle rub to get rid of those aches! Sit back, and indulge in some home-made tea packed in biodegradable tea bags and plant your herb bombs to keep things green even in this gloomy November!

December 2018

SuliBox #4

Bring in the festive season with the December Sulibox. It's time to sip your gingerbread hot chocolates in your new huskup and do your Christmas grocery shopping with your stylish turtle bag!

Happy Holidays, From the SuliBox!

January 2019

SuliBox #5 

New Year, New SuliBox! Celebrating January with a diverse range of eco-friendly goodies! Start the year mindfully with our Mother Nature incenses and maintain that squeaky clean kitchen with our Ecococonut dish brush! 

Happy New Year!

February 2019

SuliBox #6 

From bamboo socks and fair-trade chocolate to kitchen cleaning and dental care products - this box was a heart pleaser! 

So many hand-made products this month! kitchen cleaner, bath salts and toilet bombs were all inside this months SuliBox!

March 2019

SuliBox #7  

This box contains all the necessities for a plastic-free breakfast, shower, shopping spree and laundry wash! 

Having friends round for dinner? No problem! The march box contains a veg scrubber for all your food cleaning, and Stroodles! - a pasta straw that is edible once used!

April 2019

SuliBox #8

Happy Easter Suli Bunnies! We hope that you enjoyed the sunny weather and had a plastic-free picnic with your cutlery, cutlery pouch and bowl cover! Try planting your own vegetables this us they taste so good! Lastly, keep your skin fresh and your skin protected with our glowing face mask and plastic-free plasters!


May 2019

SuliBox #9  

Going out? Take your neon stainless steel straw with you! Having a bath? Try our flowerly scented bath bombs! This May we've combined cleaning with self-care, to bring you over 7 sustainable alternatives! And don't forget the amazing birthday cake scented candle...Oh my...