How To Stay Green As The Leaves Turn Brown! 

As the pumpkin and cinnamon spiced latte epidemic infects the nation once again, perhaps spare a thought (whilst enjoying your coffee of course!) on the best ways to stay green this autumn! Our first autumn eco-tip, although obvious, is to compost fallen leaves as opposed to burning or throwing them away (burning leaves is especially problematic for the environment). The leaves will, in fact, provide a rich and nutrient garden soil amendment which will help your plants to survive through the more chilly and challenging months! Autumn is often seen as a time of renewal especially as for many people it symbolises the beginning of the academic year. If you have children or are yourself a student, buying new uniforms and stationary can be costly, not just to your wallet but also to the environment. For this upcoming academic year try swapping around school uniforms and supplies- you could even host a 'back to school swap party' and teach your friends a thing or two about reusing and up-cycling! What is the scariest thing about Halloween? Nope, it is not the half-hearted bunny costumes (shock) but in fact, the number of plastic wrappers littering the streets the day after! Did you know that the candy industry recorded sales of £2.75 billion last Halloween? Yes, you read that correctly £2.75 billion- and how many of these companies do you think use plastic packaging? We do not even want to know! Instead of buying endless packets of sweets this Halloween, why not make your own (there are loads of recipes online) and dish them out to your 'terrifying' visitors in recyclable brown paper bags. You can join in on the festivities without getting a fright the next morning! We often take for granted that here in the UK, almost all fruits and vegetables are available to us all year round. However, eating some strawberries in November will not taste as sweet when you consider the carbon footprint involved. This autumn try to get the bulk of your shopping from local markets, not only will you be supporting local businesses but it will encourage you to buy more seasonal produce- with a far lower carbon footprint! Challenge yourself to create delicious and seasonal recipes which will leave your taste buds and the earth thanking you! 

We hope you enjoyed this blog on our favourite ways to stay green in the Autumn!

The Suli Team

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