About Us

The Suli Box is a monthly subscription box delivering eco-friendly products directly to consumers’ doors. The concept was born after we; a vegan and eco-conscious couple noticed the lack of and inaccessibility to, suitable products for those who strive to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Co-founder Melissa Harris studied a module of ecology at university and received a first-class honours in the subject. Therefore, the business is underpinned by advanced knowledge of environmental concerns.

A little about our mission...

The Suli Box's aim is to help rectify the environmental damage; in part, caused by our high energy, high consumption lifestyles, as we will provide alternative home and lifestyle products which are committed to being plastic-free and non-toxic.

2018 has seen a dramatic increase of large businesses such as McDonald's, Costa Coffee and Coca-Cola adopting green initiatives. Concern for environmental issues, notably plastic has received extensive media attention, resulting in calls for radical change by consumers.  

This growing concern by consumers presents a prime opportunity for a genuine eco-friendly business to tap into a growing environmentally conscious market. Our focus will be supporting independent businesses as opposed to large corporations as they often use green-washing tactics to mislead customers. Instead, we will only include products in the Suli Box which are committed to making the drastic changes needed.

Meet The Team

Hi, we are Mel and Louis the founders of the Suli Box! We were inspired to create a business that would help to tackle the extreme environmental issues we are facing today, after studying a module on ecology at university. We are both dedicated vegans, however, we noticed that many 'vegan friendly' products are covered in plastic, contain palm oil and often contain toxic chemicals which react negatively with the earth. Therefore, we tried to source suitable products ourselves but were frustrated with  how time consuming and how expensive this became. Hence, the Suli Box was born! 

We hope that the Suli Box will help you on your Eco-journey and we look forward to having you on board! 

Mel and Louis :)